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Louise and Clare

Claire and Louise

Louise and Clare adopted through Best for Baby, also known as a concurrency.

People who apply for this special type of placement are assessed and trained as prospective foster carers and adopters. When a child is placed, they act as foster carers for the child. They support contact with birth family members while the court decides the child's future.

They said:

"We finally have the family we dreamed of.

We adopted our daughter through concurrency, which is similar to an arrangement called foster to adopt.

The idea of having the chance to meet birth parents and getting to know them, meant we are hopefully able to answer those later life questions easier.

Parenthood is no easy task for anyone but we are often reminded why this was all worth it, with each smile or giggle.

Her character has changed so much and being able to see her flourish with us are moments we will cherish forever.

We only wish we had adopted sooner."

Thinking about adoption?

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