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"Our children are our world and we can’t wait to see what new adventures life will bring."

Lisa's story

I am a relatively new mum to my 2 children, Sam and Ruby who are due to turn 2 and 3 in October. They moved in with us in October of last year but it feels like a lifetime ago (in a good way).

Please don’t worry about the time spent without them following the matching process. This soon becomes a long lost memory the moment they move in and your life changes forever.

A thousand and one things went through my mind during those first few days - will I be a good mum? How do I measure up to the foster carer? What do I feed them? Am I too old? Will I cope? How will it affect my relationship with their new daddy? Will he cope? How will I find time to walk the dogs and keep on top of the housework?

But the moment a little hand reaches out for you and you hear the long awaited words of mummy and daddy, all your worries suddenly become less important and everything has a funny way of working out. The bond between the children grows day by day and it is incredibly special and heart-warming to see.

People often ask, gosh how do you cope with two such young children? Yes of course it can be hard work and tiring at times, but the benefits far exceed these times. The constantly evolving closeness of their bond, the care and company for each other and their most amazing shared imagination to name but a few.

The birth father made the decision to oppose the adoption. This proved to be a stressful time awaiting the court hearing and further news, so please do seek the support of your social worker if this should happen as they are invaluable. We recently received the news that the application was dismissed and the relief was immense.  I recall seeing the visible relief on my Richard's face and the shared realisation that he had been emotionally holding himself back in case we lost them.

Our children are our world and we can’t wait to see what new adventures life will bring. I want to wish you all the best on your personal journey and I can promise you one thing – life will never be the same again.

*Names and images have been changed to protect their identities.

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