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Appeal launched to find loving adopters for sibling groups in Lancashire

Have you considered adopting a sibling group, to step straight into a ready-made family? A new campaign has been launched to recruit adopters willing to give brothers and sisters a loving home and keep them together.

More than one in three children currently waiting with Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool for a forever home are in sibling groups (38%). As many sibling groups have recently been adopted, this figure has dropped from nine out of 10 children last year.

Siblings share an unbreakable bond and by keeping them together, they will stay in the only family unit many of them will have experienced. Being together can also make it easier for them to settle into their new home.

If you are willing to adopt siblings, the time spent matching will be shorter than if you are waiting to be matched to a baby or individual child.

We welcome all potential adopters to come forward, no matter if they are looking for one child or siblings, babies or different age ranges.

We are sharing the story of Bobby and Peter, brothers who are currently looking for a loving adoptive home together. These are real descriptions of their personalities and interests but we have changed their names and used images of models to protect their identities.

Bobby, aged three, who started nursery earlier this year, is the 'cuddliest and most affectionate' little adventurer, who loves the outdoors, swimming and splashing in his paddling pool.

He is a clever child who loves to solve jigsaws and puzzles. He loves cars, trucks and dinosaurs and has a vivid imagination when he plays. Bobby loves showing off his dance moves and has the most infectious giggle that can cheer up the room.

He says that Peter, his brother, is his best friend and they love nothing more than spending time together.

Peter, aged four, loves to play with his toy kitchen, cars, dinosaurs and puzzles. He loves singing and dancing to music, just like his brother Bobby. They love to show off their dance routines to their foster carers and to their social worker when she visits.

Peter is Bobby's older brother, and the pair have a very close bond. Peter likes to check on his brother and always checks that he has his raincoat on and zipped up for his walk to nursery.

Peter thrives in the attention given to him by his foster carers and they describe him as a very kind, caring and affectionate boy. Peter loves to make others laugh and likes to tickle his brother.

Peter has had some speech and language therapy as his speech was a little delayed, but he has made great progress and his communication has come on leaps and bounds. 

Both boys love to play outdoors but equally enjoy being cuddled up on the sofa watching a film or playing indoors when the weather is bad.

Louise Anderson, Chair of Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool, said: "It is really important for brothers and sisters to be able stay together as part of a loving family. The best part for adopters is knowing that you have protected an important sibling bond alongside the joy of helping them deepen their bond as they grow and develop.

"We find that when siblings are adopted together, they can become more settled more quickly, as they already have some sense of familiarity and safety just by being together.

"Adoption is a big life-changing decision for someone to consider, but there is so much support on hand to help guide adopting parents and children through the process of new beginnings. We'd love to hear from anyone who is thinking of starting that journey to a new family."

While it might not always be easy, Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool offer help and support throughout the whole adoption process making the journey as straightforward as possible.

They are seeking adoptive parents from all walks of life, and welcome applications from people of all ages, single, married, cohabiting, in same-sex relationships, with or without their own children, working or not. Anyone who is thinking of adoption can find out more by booking a place at an information event, which are held regularly across the county.

Published: 26 June 2024

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