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Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool launches New Year, New Family campaign

The agency is always looking for people to come forward who can offer children a loving home and a forever family.

And this month and next there is an added focus on people coming forward who were reflecting on taking this step over the Christmas and New Year period.

Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool brings together expertise from both councils to simplify the adoption process, increase the number of adopters, improve the matching processes for children, and provide support for adoptive families.

Running from today, (Monday 25 January) until Sunday 7 February, the #NewYearNewFamily campaign will encourage anyone wanting to start or grow their family to consider adoption.

Diane Booth, chair of the Regional Adoption Agency Board, said: "New Year is traditionally a time when people decide to make a change in their lives – give something up, or start something new, and is generally a period of reflection.

"I'd like to take advantage of that new-year, determined frame of mind to especially encourage people to think about a change they could make not just to their own life, but to that of a child in Lancashire or Blackpool.

"Our adoption team has a lot of experience in helping find parents for children who need a loving, stable and permanent home.

"We have children of all ages who need adopting. Some are looking for homes they can share with brothers or sisters, and we keep siblings together whenever we can.

"Although the coronavirus situation continues, we're still taking on new adoptive parents, and need them to come forward, just as they normally would.

"I'd like to reassure everyone that we are here, and available. We've made adjustments to the way we work in terms of the way we meet and conduct interviews with potential adoptive parents due to the coronavirus, but we remain committed to providing the same high level of service.

"We've done our best to keep things running as normally as possible during the last 10 months. We are still assessing and approving adoptive families for the children who need a permanent family, and we are continuing to support adoptive families and individuals affected by adoption.

"We always need more adoptive parents from all walks of life, and I want to remind people that we welcome applications from people of all ages, single, married, cohabiting, in same-sex relationships, with or without their own children, working or not. You can adopt as long as you are over 21, and live in Lancashire or Blackpool, or close by."

Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool has adapted the way it works to ensure permanent homes are still being found for youngsters in need of a loving home including the use of digital technology.

Bookable telephone sessions are currently running, instead of the usual face-to-face adoption information events. The sessions are aimed at anyone interested in finding out more about adopting. They offer a chance to have an informal chat, ask questions and discuss options with one of the dedicated team members.

These sessions run every Monday, excluding Bank Holidays, at 2.30pm and each Wednesday at 6.30pm until further notice.

Telephone sessions can be booked by emailing the team at, or by calling 0300 123 6727, giving your name, telephone number and the date and time of your chosen session.

Consideration is given to anyone who wishes to adopt, regardless of their age, marital status, sexuality or gender. There are no strict rules about whether people should have jobs, their own homes or have their own children.

Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool is keen to hear from a broad range of prospective adopters, including single people and couples, same-sex and heterosexual, from all religious backgrounds or none.

It is also happy to consider people who have already adopted, already have a family, or are looking into adoption because they are unable to have children of their own.

The only legal requirements are that adopters must be over 21 and live within Lancashire and Blackpool or nearby.

Adoptive parents are needed for children from young babies up to eight years of age, and particularly for the following groups:

• Brothers and sisters who need to stay together
• Children aged over four, either gender
• Boys of all ages
• Children with special needs, disabilities or unpredictable medical issues

To find out more, please visit

Alternatively get in touch on 0300 123 6727.

Notes for Editors: The development of the Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) was set out in the Department for Education (DfE) papers Regionalising Adoption in June 2015. The Government requested all local authorities are part of an RAA by 2020. Adoptive parents are available for interview. Please email Julie Dobson at to organise.

Published: 21 January 2021

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