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Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool

Charlie and Ruby

Ruby and Charlie are a healthy, loving brother and sister in Lancashire. They are looking for a caring home and a warm, loving family. Find out more about the two of them below:


"My name Is Charlie. I am three years old and I have blue eyes and brown hair. My foster carers' describe me as a relaxed and happy boy but I do have a cheeky side. I am very bright and can be full on sometimes. Being a typical boy, I love to get into mischief, climbing on things I shouldn't!  I don’t like to keep my socks and shoes on and will pull them off whenever I have the chance.

I like to play with all the toys I have in my house, My favourites are my blue Interactive bear and noisy toys like the xylophone. I am walking now, even running when I can! 

I always start my day in a good mood, waking around 7:30am, I will say 'What's that' and then I go downstairs for a bottle of milk. I have my breakfast around 9:30-10am usually porridge and a bit of toast. 

I love my baby sister very much; I can say her name and I like to stroke her face gently and show off to people when they visit."



"My name Is Ruby and I am four months old. I am described as a relaxed and content little baby who rarely cries. I love cuddles and Interaction especially from my big brother Charlie. I am too young to have developed any likes, dislikes or Interests, but I do love sleeping in my Moses basket or when I am in my bouncy chair. 

I usually wake around 7-7:30am and have a bottle of formula milk, have my nappy changed and sit In my bouncer chair for a while. Then I have a bath and am dressed for the day. I have a nap at 11:30am In my pram."


Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool are looking for people to come forward so that children like Ruby and Charlie can be adopted together.

Sibling groups are among the children who wait longest to be adopted, as there are not enough people coming forward who are able to give them a safe, permanent and loving family.

It is important that the children are kept together as they have a very close sibling bond and it would not be in their best interests to split them up to find them permanent homes.

Ruby and Charlie are searching for a family that can show them the love, warmth, and support that they need.

Think you can help? Get in touch with us here or call us on 0300 123 6727

This is a real-life case study written by the children's foster carers. We have changed the their names and the image is posed by models to protect their identities.